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VIDACTA International focuses on qualification, placement and integration of international trainees and skilled workers. Companies that want to cover their demand for skilled workers and junior staff from abroad are advised about filling vacancies from abroad and immediately receive precisely tailored suggestions for the advertised vacancies.

VIDACTA Schulen offer state-certified degrees in the professions of ergotherapy, physiotherapy, massage and nursing. The portfolio of VIDACTA schools also includes the qualification of masseurs to physiotherapists as well as the upskilling of persons with foreign professional qualifications for recognition in Germany.

VIDACTA Wohnen organizes living spaces and rents fully furnished rooms and apartments close to workplaces or schools for our students, as well as our recruited professionals from abroad, thus ensuring the integration of its clientele in Germany.
VIDACTA Therapie establishes teaching practices for physiotherapy and occupational therapy at school locations to bring therapy and education closer together. This allows physiotherapy and occupational therapy schools to provide practical and patient-centered training. Patients at these practices are treated by trained therapists, and with the patients’ consent, students have the opportunity to conduct initial assessments and plan treatments on patients at an early stage.

The Medplatform¬ģ combines flexibility and professionalism in the digital teaching and learning process of medical and therapeutic training professions. In addition to highly qualified instructional videos, live editable 3D animations and specialist texts, quiz variations and administrative functions form the framework of the daily growing platform.